Q: Do I need to do anything before you come out to seal?
A: In most cases no preparation is required on your part. We will clean your driveway’s surface of common debris such as leaves, stones,  twigs etc.   The attention to proper surface preparation sets us apart and ensures a quality finish.  Please note however that if you driveway has been subjected to a significant amount of mud or soil that it may require power wash on your part prior to sealing.

Q: I am concerned about accidental use of my driveway during drying time, how do you deal with this?
A: The driveway will be clearly marked with a yellow banner joined to two stakes at both sides of your driveway entrance to prevent accidental usage.

Q: Once you have completed freshly sealing my driveway how long before I can use it again?
A: 24 hours is the rule of thumb under normal conditions.  We will advise you if that is not the case.

Q: How often do you recommend that I should I have my driveway sealed?
A: We typically recommend every three years, however many of our customers do it every year for beautification purposes. VERY IMPORTANT  Sealing annually with inferior coal tar can dramatically escalate surface cracking as discussed in our video.

Q: Why do so many seal-coating companies coal tar sealant if it can cause damage?
A:  The simple answer is cost!  Its much cheaper and can easily be “watered down.”  Contractors using inferior product come and go and have given our industry a bad name.  We have been in business for 35 years and our repeat customers keep coming back because we use quality products and help educate them on preventative maintenance, saving them money in the long run.