Our Sealant-LN-11 Equinox

Our Sealant-LN-11 Equinox

Don’t let this happen to your driveway!


The crux of the whole asphalt sealing business is the sealant, more specifically the type of sealant that should be used. There are essentially two choices:

  1. Petroleum-based asphalt sealant
  2. Coal tar (a waste product of the coking industry)

Robert Stanley Asphalt Maintenance uses the best petroleum-based product on the market, LN-11 Equinox Asphalt Driveway Sealant, made by Seaboard.

That being said there are two main causes of driveway deterioration:

  1. Surface asphalt oxidation caused by constant exposure to the sun
  2. Application of coal tar sealant to your driveway’s surface

Cause #1 Surface asphalt oxidation caused by exposure to sun.
Over time the oxidizing effect of the sun on your driveway causes the asphalt on the surface to dry out. (That’s why the surface turns gray.)This oxidation depletes the asphalt’s ability to hold the stone together. The use of LN-11 Equinox sealant on your driveway alleviates this problem. Since LN-11 Equinox actually contains asphalt, it has the revitalizing/restorative properties necessary to maintain the surface integrity of your driveway. (The idea is similar to the preserving properties that oil-based stain delivers when applied to wood siding or decking.)

Cause #2 Using coal tar sealant will cause your driveway to deteriorate.
BEWARE, consistent use of coal tar sealant will actually cause your driveway to crack and deteriorate. This is a huge problem that seal-coat companies that use coal tar will NEVER tell you.

It doesn’t really make sense to use a water-based/latex product like coal tar on a petroleum-based surface like asphalt. Most homeowners are not aware that they have a choice.

So why do the vast majority of seal-coat companies in this area use this product? Because it’s a lot less expensive. (Dare I say cheap, it’s sometimes mixed with upto 50% water.) The companies that use coal tar certainly don’t go around advertising the fact that there’s a better product on the market. An uninformed consumer is their best customer. The application of coal tar sealant is equivalent to painting the surface of your driveway with a latex emulsion; it simply coats your driveway, but has no revitalizing benefits.

Why does consistent use of this product cause cracking and deterioration of your driveway? Because while it’s true that coal tar will seal your driveway’s surface, it seals it so tightly that it prohibits the asphalt’s natural ability to expand, something that is extremely important when you consider how searing hot your driveway gets in the summer. This is a critical issue and here’s why: In the summer heat build-up remains trapped under the surface of a coal tarred driveway. Because coal tar doesn’t expand the only way for this heat to escape is by cracking the surface of the coal tar seal, which by default results in the spider cracking of your driveway’s surface. (see picture at top of this page)Is it any wonder that companies that use coal tar don’t want you to know about this.

As stated above an asphalt surface, if allowed to, will expand in the summertime to release heat. Like the asphalt it seals LN-11 Equinox will expand and contract with the change of temperature. This property allows your driveway surface to breathe and release heat to prevent rather than cause surface cracking. This quality in addtion to it’s rejuvenating and beautifying properties makes it the superior choice for driveway sealing.

Just take a walk around your neighborhood, and you’ll see the spider and/or alligator cracks in your neighbors’ driveways; it’s not because of the driveway’s age but because they’re getting sealed with coal tar.